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is more than just a meal out – it’s an experience!

About Us

The Raj Indian Restaurant offers all the splendour of traditional North Indian cuisine since 1995.

Enjoy our warm hospitality & food that is undeniably the most authentic Indian cuisine available in the country.

Treat yourself to a taste experience with us!

Why The Raj

The Raj Indian Restaurant offers all the splendour of traditional North Indian cuisine. The service is efficient, always friendly and the food is undeniably the most authentic to be found.

Our Chefs are all recruited from various regions of India, and although The Raj specializes in North Indian cuisine, these Masters of taste and perfection, often also add their own flair to the dishes they prepare.

Our menus, at our restaurants and express stores, have been formulated with only the best dishes for all to enjoy. All our spices and basmati rice are specially imported from India, guaranteeing what you would expect when dining at this prestigious restaurant.

Over the past few months, The Raj has upgraded the look and feel of each restaurant, offering a unique experience to diners at each venue.

Whether you are a spicy food fanatic, pescatarian, vegan or vegetarian, with a palette in search of the best, or just someone that enjoys a rich and flavourful meal, The Raj promises to satisfy your appetite – and is sure to give you a most memorable experience!

Welcome to the Raj


Dr Arun Jairath, Owner of The Raj Restaurant group wishes to welcome both existing and new fans to the new website!

With great excitement for the future and a successful brand that was conceptualized in 1995, I am overjoyed to celebrate the progressive, yet steady growth of this popular Indian food chain.

Born in Nagpur, India my determination as a young man was to study Ophthalmology. My passion since an early age, was to help those with eyesight challenges.

Having completed my studies as a young adult, I went on to gain intensive training abroad and also worked in the United Kingdom for many years in the national health sector, training in Ophthalmology. Later in life I decided to emigrate to South Africa, where I continued to offer my skills to the people of South Africa.

Since I am of Indian descent, I was always in search of an authentic North Indian restaurant to dine at – a challenge in finding exactly what I was craving. This may well have been what motivated me and my decision to explore the opportunity in starting a new business venture.

The idea turned quickly into a reality, when the very first The Raj Restaurant was conceptualized and opened on the 4th of November 1995 in Kyalami. The cuisine was so well received, that before long, there was a need for a similar dining experience in Rivonia, and so the group evolved into what it is today.

Later we expanded with new restaurants in various areas of Johannesburg, where we saw the brand flourish and gain a very reputable reputation. Meals at The Raj are always guaranteed to satisfy – and impress. Our unique combination of flavours, spice and heat ensure that each dish is prepared to perfection. (A fairly common trait of an Ophthalmologist I might add!)

The Raj portfolio of restaurants has been strategically placed in high end locations and tourism hotspots. Visual and logistical accessibility are important to us and our diners, both in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

To Guests who have not yet visited one of our restaurants or express stores: I would like to encourage you to seek the “Raj experience”, where you are sure to enjoy not only the warmth and delightful dishes so lovingly prepared, but our humble and welcoming hospitality too.

The Raj Group celebrated 28 years in business on the 4th November 2023. I would like to sincerely thank all the patrons that have contributed to the success of my business and its proud brand name.